Modern Art is Mega-tastic

Jacob - 32507, Florida
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

“This I believe…”

Art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Art is painting and music, like the Mona Lisa or any kind of modern or classical music.

I believe that art is one of the very components that keep our society, as a whole, working. Directly after the Dark Ages, where life was at its worst, art saved the people who created it. The Renaissance—a revival of the human spirit—of art, literature and learning in Europe began in the beginning of the 14th Century and progressed through the 17th Century. It marked the transition humanity had taken from the howling dark of the medieval age and into the modern world.

I believe that art expresses human ingenuity and reveals the inner workings of a human’s personality, one of the most complex things most people never fully understand. However, art isn’t just music or art but the feeling behind each painting and piece of music, whether it is a simple drawing or some vague lyrics. Art, I believe, has to do specifically with the direct access to the soul. When you listen to a song or study a painting at a gallery you are, more than likely, peering into the artist soul. You can see his or her core beliefs and learn more from them then if you had a successful conversation.

From my own experience with art, I know that there are many canvases with which you can paint your works; there are many tools just the same. The tools and canvases I’m most familiar with, however, are guitars and the lyrics you bring together to be a harmonious dance that your ears “see.”

A good example is Trent Reznor and Robin Finck. They are both members of the band, Nine Inch Nails; they together create music that is always worth hearing a third time. Trent Reznor writes the lyrics while Robin Finck creates the melody to follow the song with his Gibson Les Paul. Together they’ve been writing and perfecting music in their genre since 1988. Ever since the beginning, Reznor had been writing music to express his views on corruption of society and the morbid nature of war while Finck created trippy guitar rifts that made the music more appealing to the beholder.

I believe that, today in modern society, music is the best form of art. Everyone listens to music on an almost daily basis for much of the day if not all of it. There are even those who have the luxury to spend their days, writing music, making albums—being musicians—they are artists in their own field.

Another example of art in its greatest form, are paintings. My favorite artist, in that field of aesthetics is Andy Warhol. Born in 1928 and dying in 1987, he was a key figure in the fledgling art form known as Pop. It first emerged in America and other places during the ‘50s. His brave art forms expressed the age’s emotions and is own. His style, although it received little praise, I believe is still one of the best expressions of art of our time, in modern age.

This I believe…