An Everlasting Memory

Caitlin - jenison, Michigan
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Stage lights beamed to life, blinding me momentarily. I froze in fear as my vision returned to see countless faces staring straight at me. It was my time to shine. The music started as my moment came. Measure after measure, notes spilling out into the room with a sweet melody. Finally, it was my cue. I opened my mouth and the lyrics flowed effortlessly from my quivering lips, every pitch cascading through the room. My body tingled as my nerves battled to take over. They wouldn’t win the fight, not this time. Eyes gazed back at me pleasantly. And just like that, my moment was over, just as soon as it had come. It felt so amazing, nothing could compare. This is what I live for.

I believe that life, without music, has no purpose. Music expresses our emotions. It’s an indescribable way to compose our feelings into something amazing that can be understood and appreciated no matter where you are in the world. The words of the song may not be comprehended, but the music still impacts you in the same way. It is an enduring pleasure in an ever changing world. It holds us together and unites us as one. Every person brings something new to the style of music, but together it gives us something in common, a bond we can all share. When I create music, it’s not just a hobby. It’s a way of living. Every piece is a new adventure, a new chance to make a creation all my own. It can be intensely personal, with so much meaning to the performer and yet relateable to the audience.

Whether in orchestra, band or choir, music is music. It brings imagination and intelligence to the mind and offers a positive outlet to any emotion. Without music, we lack expression. We lack the love for something that gives us joy and peace in the worst of times. Music takes terrible moments and washes them away into the recesses of your mind. Feelings can be molded into a work of art and used to help others in their time of need. It is a tool for life that can not be taken for granted.

As years go by and humans grow old, we forget our past. Friends are forgotten, loved ones are lost and memories gradually fade. But the music lives on. The music that was made is never forgotten. The hard work and determination lives on in my heart. Perseverance, responsibility and imagination are all that remains. Nothing leaves a lasting impression like that night on a brightly lit stage when I gave my heart to a crowd of complete strangers and loved every minute of it. It’s the one memory that will never leave my mind until the day I leave this world for the next, hearing the sweet melody of music the whole way there.