Elizabeth - byron center, Michigan
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism


I watched as a new young girl walked into my church like she owned the place.

Trying to be friends with all of my friends. Immediately I assumed she was a spoiled brat, whom I had no intention of befriending. She looked my age, my height, my weight, but for some reason I didn’t like her. Maybe it was just that she came into my territory, disturbing my peace. You might think that being a christian in church that this was quiet hypocritical. However, being the young naive girl that I was, I was jealous. There was obviously no way of getting rid of her. Unfortunately everyone else seemed to be getting along with this “new girl”.

We were partners for our game time during church, and I was hoping to get out of playing. While thinking this, she came up and introduced herself. There was no avoiding her now, so I introduced myself and the flow of conversation did not stop for the rest of the night.

She became my best friend. Not only my best friend but my sister. We spent every free moment that we could together. She understood my every thought and struggle. We were inseparable

Not everyone gets this chance, and the relationships that we miss out on are unimaginable. We learn things from each other everyday, but she may have taught me the most valuable lesson that day. I believe that you should never judge a person by your first impression.

People can surprise you in the best way. Many people never take the chance to see how much they may have in common with a stranger. Who are you to say who they are? Maybe they just are not in their comfort zone and are nervous, maybe they are having a bad day, who knows. But who are you to take that as who they are everyday? Who are you to take away that chance?