The Power of Bananas

Grace - Bainbridge Island, Washington
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in bananas. Not in the typical, yellow fruit sense, or even in the intention of using them as phones, but simply the power one banana had on my life. About two weeks ago in science we watched a video that at the time had little significance but soon evolved into a quest to change my life and hopefully to affect others.

The video began as many other science videos begin; a man sat across from a scientist. That man was holding the banana that began the snowball effect leading me to develop one of my core beliefs. With the banana pressed against his cheek that man asked incredulously,

“50% of my genes are the same as those in this banana?!”

This made me wonder. Well, if he and that banana share 50% of the same genes, then I must be even more similar to the people in the room around me. Which made me notice things I had never seen before. The girl sitting at the table next to me had the same pants as me, and the boy and girl sitting next to each other had the same shade blue eyes.

These observations spurred even more curiosity. Did the quiet girl in my dance class like the same music as me? And did the outgoing boy on my bus read the same genre books as me? And did my seemingly crazy neighbor have similar hobbies as me? Maybe if I just talked to them and found some similarities I would meet a really cool person.

So I set off to know more. I found out the quiet girl in my dance class doesn’t like the same music as I do, but she did feel the same way about our teacher. And the outgoing boy on my bus doesn’t read the same books as I do, but we both had Mr. Moore for 6th grade, although he had him a year after I did. I discovered my crazy neighbor’s name was Arthur, the same as my grandpa’s and he preferred dogs over cats, just as I do. Walking away that day I realized something; I had met some really cool people.

So that is what I believe. I believe in the power of little similarities that make connections and form relationships. I believe in similarities and therefore differences that make us all really cool people. I believe in the power of bananas.