Laugh Every Day

Austin - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Imagine a world without laughter. Your friend would tell joke but instead of laughing you would just stare at him blankly. Some friend you are. If the world didn’t have laughter what would you do to express your happiness? Jump up and down blink your eyes twice? I think laughing is the best way to go about it.

I believe in laughing ever every day. It helps relieve stress and keep me happy. Studies show that people who laugh more tend to live longer. Laughing helps with blood pressure and heart related medical conditions. It’s a great way to make your day. For instance, one day when I was feeling particularly down after a not so good test score my friend notice me looking a bit sad. He came up to me and told me a joke. I laughed and that alone helped me feel better.

From what I hear laughing is a good work out. A long laughing session is almost equal to a good work out. That’s why I decided to start laughing every day. I like to watch funny T. V shows after school and hang around funny people that make me laugh. Small steps like these have helped me relive stress going through Jr. High.

A good way to keep yourself happy is to make other people happy. I like to cheer kids up by cracking jokes and pointing out funny things. People will want to be around you if you make them happy. Not only does it cheer my friends up it cheers me up. Just seeing another friend go from depressed to happy because of you makes me smile. When my friend had just lost his girlfriend I cheered him up by telling him a joke. It made me feel good inside.

Laughing is a curious thing. If you start to laugh human nature will take over and a person will be curious. They will probably come to see what you’re laughing about. Laughing is something that the world couldn’t go on without. Laugh every day.