What I Believe This Recession Means

Jean - Melbourne, Florida
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

When I turn NPR on these days all I hear about is how we are in a recession. Then I think, is this saying that I am going to starve? I picture myself looking twenty-five pounds lighter and holding a small bowl of cereal.

How is the recession going to affect us? Will it change my lifestyle? Not really. You see, I’ve

never wanted my life to revolve around money. I believe that some Americans are so controlled by money that they will do anything to get it including taking a chance on a life of crime. Too many movies have, as a plot, murder, cheating on wives or husbands, and scandals all for the ultimate climb to the top for that pile of gold. But, alas, the pile of gold is melting like a golden snowman! What to do?

In America the golden ladders leading to the golden stars are collapsing!

I believe the recession will re-direct our thinking. We will return to our roots. We will begin ‘pinching those pennies’ and appreciating more. We will spend more time with our families. We will stop reaching endlessly for one thing more, trying to impress everyone with how much we have. How ridiculous. It brings on wars!

Instead we will stop and think. I believe we will become more creative. We will re-direct our energies, become more rested, and we will take a good look at where we are going.

A recession is good for us. It teaches us that there are limits to how much we can have. Our planet can no longer continue to support our appetite. For many of us it will be ‘back to basics’ but I think that is what we wanted in the first place. The merry-go-round of endless

consumption will change. As it changes others around the world will see that we have changed. With Obama as President I have hope that we will become sensible and sensitive human beings. We will be forced into losing our selfishness and we will become more concerned for our beautiful world.

I do not see anything wrong with that.

I believe a recession is a good thing. The limits have been set and, for many of us, it will mean a longer life, more time to be with the ones we love, and a reason for digging deeply into who we truly are as Americans.