Coca-Cola the constant and the consistent.

Matthew - South Jordan/Utah/84095, Utah
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

The constant friend, the ever present comfort, I believe in Coca – Cola. Coke has always represented a valuable friend. It has become a means of support and reassurance. It is incapable of disappointing, it will not and cannot change or leave.

Each day as I arise to face a variety of challenges and scenarios one thing never changes. No matter the battle, my weapon of choice always stays the same. I start each day as I ended the last with an old friend, a friend that doesn’t say too much but yet seems to speak to me often. At some point, long ago, Coca – Cola transcended the lines and bounds of traditional substances. It generates an environment where creativity is bred and success is born.

To the uninformed it may seem strange, or even wrong. It may seem dangerous and silly to create a fascination or an obsession with a ridiculous drink. I feel obligated to clarify; this isn’t an obsession, a fixation, an interest, or even an addiction. This is a friendship. Coca – Cola is something I have always enjoyed. It started simple… I like the color red. I like the word classic. I like all of the bubbles and fizzles in my throat when I take a big drink. Obviously, eventually, it became more complicated.

Coca – Cola has been my constant. It has carried me in victory and carried me through failure. It has seen me in personal triumph and in public defeat. In a world with few certainties and even fewer consistencies, my relationship with Coke has been just that, certain and consistent. I always drink coke. It creates my mornings and facilitates my afternoons. It accompanies me in my celebration and commiserates with me in my loss.

I believe I drink Coke to produce personal happiness. I believe I drink Coke to create personal success. I believe it is impossible for me to define the value of a friend that will never leave, a support that is always there, and a companion who will never disappoint. I believe in Coca – Cola.