An Age of Simplicity

Amanda - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the simplicity of an older time. A time where girls were ladies and boys were gentlemen. A time where the American Dream was reality.

A father was a dad; a worker, a provider, a man. Always dressed in a three piece, lightly kissing his wife on the cheek as he left for the day toting his briefcase. A mother was a mom; a cook, a clean, a woman. They never broke a sweat, but rather perspired while scrubbing the kitchen floor in heels and pearls.

Children were kids; light-hearted, playful, but always respectful. They would wake early, pack a lunch and ride bikes all the way to the park. The only rule — return before the street lights came on that night. Teenagers were adolescents; modest and trust-worthy. The drive-in-movies and malt shops were the hip place to be and the mashed potato was the dance to do. Tommy was a letterman jacket wearing, side comb styling, baseball player while Susie was a bobby sock wearing, big hair promoting, cheerleader who proudly wore her virgin pin atop her cardigan everyday.

A house was a home; safe and filled with real family love. Dinner time was family time and the dining room table was the heart of it all. After dinner, Ed Sullivan was the man of the hour and the news was a program a family could watch without feelings of fear and insecurities. American Band Stand was enjoyable to all with actual musicians and singers such as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Everly Brothers, and The Supremes.

This time, a time of modesty and respect, nobility and virtue, love and the family as the most sacred unit in the world, this is what I believe in.