How we live our lives

William - acworth/georgia/30102, Georgia
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

How We Live Our Lives

Growing up in the sweltering hot buckle of the Bible belt and being dragged kicking and screaming into a tiny, rundown Baptist church, I was always under the impression that homosexuality was wrong and sinful and that people that engaged in same sex relationships were doomed to spend an eternity in hell. I am fairly certain that most others, having been brought up in similar Christian environments grew up to believe the same. After I had the ability to remove myself from the “joys” of the Baptist church I began to form my own ideas and opinions on this subject and many others. I should point out that I myself am a happily practicing heterosexual with a few close friends who happen to share an affinity for members of their own sex.

I don’t look at my gay friends as being any different than my straight ones. They all have jobs or go to school, enjoy going out and raising hell at the bar; they have morals, are genuinely nice, caring people and have feelings and emotions just like anyone else. Contrary to popular yet ignorant belief gay guys (or girls) aren’t always eyeing up every other dude/chick they see and trying to get into his or her pants. Most of them have a high degree of respect when it comes to being around straight people or anyone for that matter. You probably won’t hear that from pastor Cletus at the southern Baptist church.

I am quite aware of the fact that this topic has been touched upon more times than a handrail in a New York City subway station however, I feel it deserves my input. It is my firm belief that people should be free to live their lives in whatever manner they see fit, be it conventional or not. Of course, if someone wanted to live their life as a serial killer or rapist I would have to strongly object as I do not believe in activities that cause unwanted harm to others.

We as human beings are only given so much time to enjoy our lives while on this earth. What a tragedy it would be to spend that time living your life as someone else because society says that way of life is right and your idea of life is wrong. I believe people should do whatever it is that makes them happy without regards to social norms and the idealistic opinions of the closed minded. More power to those that know what they want in life and run with it, a great deal people will spend their entire existence searching for just that and fail miserably.