What is a Miracle?

Benjamin - Stratford, Iowa
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in miracles. Miracles are extraordinary effects or events that happen which are out of human control. Many people see different things as miracles. That is the awesome thing about miracles, there are so many that you may not recognize all of them. Although if you really think about all the things that have happened in this world you would be amazed at all of the miracles you will find.

First off, think of the world in general. Go way back and just think about it, the world didn’t even exist. But then out of nowhere it was there, created so that we can live in it and make it our home. A miracle that is the reason all of us are here today. Then you can think of all of the wonderful things on the earth. Animals are the first things that come to my mind. The animals’ ability to adapt to almost anything is a great example of a miracle. Because of this awesome wonder animals have been able to survive over many years of change that has come into their lives.

That brings me to my next example. Change can be good and bad, but when it comes in the form of a miracle it is always a good thing. A newborn child is a huge change in a family’s life and it is also one of the greatest miracles this world has to offer. Having a child and making a new life isn’t something you do everyday and it isn’t exactly easy either. But when I witnessed the joy my brother and his wife experienced after their baby was born, their happiness was indescribable.

There is another story I recently witnessed this past year which was so miraculous that there is no other word for it besides miracle. Jim Mead, a family friend, became a victim to a stroke this past December. And because of this he obviously needed brain surgery. Just over a week after his surgery, Jim was able to read, talk, walk with a walker, and give his daughters a hug. He was the topic of everyone’s conversations in the hospital. The neurologist told Jim’s wife that for the amount of brain tissue removed, Jim should have to be fastened to a chair in order to sit up and he should not be able to do anything except drool. But because of the awesome miracle he experienced that didn’t happen. Jim was able to go home with his family about three to four weeks after his surgery. He is now walking by himself and getting stronger by the day.

Not every miracle may be as obvious as Jim’s story, but it doesn’t mean they are not still around. If you stop to think about it, miracles are present in everyone’s lives. So be thankful for all of the miracles that have been given to this world, otherwise we may not even be here.