Time Heals Everything

Megan - Duncombe, Iowa
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Time Heals Everything

A broken leg, a natural disaster, and the death of a loved one; all things are physically and emotionally devastating. However, the leg heals, Mother Nature runs her course, and though you miss the one you loved like crazy, you find that life goes on. I believe that time heals everything.

Theoretically, it takes a broken leg six weeks to heal. It has taken nearly four years for the damage done by Hurricane Katrina to be cleaned up; though we have yet to be finished. The amount of time it takes to get over someone’s death varies from person to person. However, the contradicting point to all of this is that, eventually, and even though we may not want them to, our lives go on.

Maybe we have to go to school in crutches, and maybe our family needs to live in a motel until our house is rebuilt. It’s probable that we’d find out that life is very difficult without that certain person with us day to day. But still we’d find that there are more responsibilities waiting for us. Bills need to be paid, children need to be fed, and unfortunately, we still have to work to make some money. The world does not stop for our grief; the clocks do not stop ticking, and the earth does not stop spinning on its axis. The seasons change, and new problems will begin to arise. In time, we will often find that though the pain is still there, it is not as strong as it was before.

Perhaps the conflict we face isn’t as serious as a natural disaster. I could tell you of the many instances that I have fought with my parents, and have ended up with a grounding that seems more like a death sentence. So what if I had to be the only senior riding the school bus for a week, because my car was taken away? Who cares that my friends made fun of me? Time dwindled by, and in a matter of days I was getting along with my parents again, and the fight was mentally stowed in the category, “Things I Will Never Do Again”.

We have been given the gift of life so that we can experience what it has to give us, and learn from our mistakes. Unfortunate things will occur, such as a broken leg, a broken heart, and maybe a fight with our parents. But we have also been given the gift of time. Time allows our bones to heal, and our anger to ebb. I believe that time heals everything.