The World’s Antidote

Carlyn - Hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I have found a cure. This vaccination clears away problems in life leaving you feeling refreshed and joyful. It works for every age, race, and gender. Side affects include tender cheeks, sore abdominals, shortness of breath, and possible extremes of tears and wet pants. It does not require pills, injections, or surgery. Just tip back your head, open your mouth, and let your vocal cords be free. A little laugh never hurt anybody.

I believe laughter is medicine.

I had high hopes for November 17. It was my birthday, but not just any birthday. My golden birthday: rated R movies, driving past midnight, and more job opportunities. I woke up for school expecting my favorite breakfast of french toast and sausage, but as I walked up the stairs I realized the aroma was missing. In jaw-dropping disappointment, I witnessed only a bowl, a spoon, and a box of Cocoa Puffs placed on the counter. I hate Cocoa Puffs. Is there a penalty for getting older?

After school, I came home in anticipation for my cake. My dad, busy and frustrated, walked through the door, threw my cake on the table and walked away. I felt as if nobody cared. My head was aching and I was trying to fight back the tears. Grabbing my keys, I rushed to the mall, praying that shopping would fulfill my day. Until a phone call from that short, jumbo eared, poofy haired boy, I sat in dismay. He listened as I replayed my birthday horror story. To my surprise, he made me laugh with only a few sarcastic comments. As soon as I let out the smallest giggle, my depressing thoughts were gone and my headache was clearing. My eyes dried up and that small joyful gesture turned into a continuous chuckle that I could not terminate.

A rainy day, an upset stomach, or a stressful moment and this drug is prescribed for you. Within minutes of use, you will have a smile across your face and only cheerful thoughts. Laughter can bond you with the people who surround you. It is something we all have the ability to do and have in common. This laughing antidote is not a secret but there is a secret trick I have for those who use it. Share the medicine and joy with those around you for greater results.