The Power of Laughter

Alex - Florence, Montana
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that in order to a live long life full of laughter we need to learn to laugh at ourselves. If we don’t laugh at ourselves, we won’t find some of the most funny occurances throughout our life. If we don’t laugh, we will never be happy and may find ourselves falling into depression. If we don’t laugh at ourselves, people will find us hard to be around and associate with. Humor, I believe, is the key to leading a happy and longer life.

One specific example of someone laughing at themselves and making those around them laugh is my older sister Andie. Everyone in my family loves her and cherishes her. She is very funny, but I feel that most of the humor comes from her actions that cause others to laugh at her. For example, she will say something that is ridiculously stupid and doesn’t prove her point in an argument but supports the other side. Every night our family gathers around the table to eat but usually ends up laughing more because of what she says. But for most, being mocked would be miserable and they would hate her life if they didn’t have a sense of humor. Andie does, and she doesn’t take offense but laughs along with us. When she laughs at herself, everyone enjoys her presence and laughs a lot more. Also, when she laughs at herself, I feel like less of a jerk for pointing out her obvious intellectual short comings.

Another example of someone laughing at themselves to cause laughter is my mom. She is one of the most people I know. But also, when she does something stupid or ridiculous she laughs at herself even though everyone is laughing at her. She also elaborates it and makes it more funny than it was to begin with just for the sake of those around her who heard her remark or saw what she did. Because she is willing to laugh at herself she makes all those around her laugh, sometimes to tears.

My last example of someone laughing at themselves to cause laughter is my dad. He can be the biggest dork in the world. He will often act like an idiot and draw all sorts of attention to himself because he acts like a weirdo. For example, one day my sister and I were sitting on the couch reading and my dad came in wearing all black underarmour, armed with a 2-million candle power flashlight. From head to toe he was covered in skin tight, underarmour. He even went to the extreme of wearing a black face mask that only revealed his face. He then went on to pretend he was some sort of secret agent guy and performing what he called his “swift and deadly” moves around the living room, shooting random items with his spotlight. Following his moves, he “swiftly” disappeared into the other room as if he hadn’t been there at all. He later came in and laughed at himself and gave us all a source of joy and humor for the rest of the weekend.

I believe being able to laugh at yourself lessens humiliation because you realize what you did really was funny and you don’t feel as stupid as you did originally. Also, I believe that laughing at yourself gives you confidence and allows you to be yourself and not worry about what others think. Plus, laughing is plain amazing.