The hideous sound of my voice

Nachelle - Danville, New Hampshire
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe in singing out of tune. Now I know what you’re thinking; this must be a metaphor. This is an important essay that is worth a huge part of her grade. By singing out of tune she must mean ‘being different’ or ‘sharing your perspective’. But no, although I believe in those things, those aren’t what I mean by singing out of tune. Maybe it’s because I love to sing and everyone else hates to hear it. Maybe it’s because I can never remember the lyrics and people get tired of trying to correct me. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard the question “Who sings that?” and the reply to my answer being “Well…let’s keep it that way.” But whatever the reason, I believe in actually singing out of tune.

After years of listening to people drone on with in-tune songs and beautiful voices, I was ready to rip my hair out. I just wanted to scream “stop singing in tune!” but I couldn’t over the large crowds of people telling them how wonderful they were.

“Your voice is equivalent to a beautiful dove”

“You should be known as the song bird of our generation”

“Your voice is like a shining star in a dull sky”

The compliments, the support, and the motivations were just getting boring. These people who were basically mocking what the original singers had sung, were getting admired while poor little me, singing out of tune and changing the lyrics, was getting glares shot my way.

“Shut up!”

“You’re terrible!”

“You sound like nails against a chalk board!”

All the insults and the criticism were killing me, and did I deserve them? No, because all I was doing was making a song more interesting and singing it the way I thought it wanted to sing it. I didn’t choose to simply ‘mock’ the original singer or sing it just like everyone else was. I sung my heart out only to be hated and ridiculed.

I believe in singing out of tune because people deserve to let their voices- no matter how horrible- to be heard! If they want to sing, let them sing! Whether it’s a speech from the next president of the united States, an actor excepting an award, or a student reading their essay, if someone has to say them: they are usually heard. So why do people get ignored or hated for bad singing? Singing out of tune not only allows you to be heard, but it makes you special and different. So next time you’re listening to the wonderful tune of your friend, think about leaving that hideous sight and heading over to the creepy kid in the back of the room singing a horrible, out-of-tune song that nobody knows. Not only will they be heard, but you’ll get to listen to the hideous, yet definitely not boring, singing.