showing off does not payoff

wendy - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

When starting out an essay, I always think about the many things that I have written. So like any other paper this one was no difference. The original topic of my paper was going to be a slightly sad one. Then this weekend happened, and my topic changed. One of my newly founded beliefs is, showing off does not always payoff in the end.

Saturday started off as well a normal Saturday. I slept in, did some home work and then well adventured out into the world. Before I can tell this story some background is needed. About three years ago I had a really bad skateboarding accident, which left my knee pretty messed up. So I promised my doctor that as long as I work my corrective knee brace I wouldn’t have to do any surgery or anything like that. Well today was the first day in a while that I decided that I would be good without my knee brace. Well I soon proved myself wrong.

So I took a trip up to a friend’s apartment not far from mine, the ground was good along the way. So to me there was no problem with the slush on the ground or the ice. So after a good hour we all decided that it was a good time for a walk, just down the road to Walgreen’s. It was a good trip down, not that bad but I realized that there was water and snow covering everything, which should have been my first clue.

So on the way back up we were climbing over the piles and piles of snow on the sidewalk to make our way back to the apartments. Well there was this one big snow pile that everyone just went around. This is where my belief comes in to play. Me being the kind of person I was decided that I was going to climb the snow pile no matter how big it was .well I was doing good for about the first couple of feet. Then as I was about to get off of the pile, my shoes slipped and I came crashing down to the ground on my bad knee. The one I am supposed to keep in a brace at all times. Of course in front of my friends I was all good. But when I got back to my dorm I realized that I had done something much worse to my knee then I thought. It looked like my knee cap was sitting on top of another knee cap.

So there I was with this weird looking knee, In the emergency room. The doctor there told me I had a contusion, and my knee cap was out of place. So I sat there thinking to myself, what a better lesson to learn then showing off never pays off and that’s my belief. Showing off never pays off and that’s why you always need to be yourself