A Better World

Lendie - Webster City, Iowa
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

A Better World

I believe that they key to making this world better is very simple. I believe that, through acceptance and forgiveness, people of all colors, religions and nationalities can live together in peace. I also believe that small actions of compassion in place of plans of war can make a great deal of difference.

Hostility is a way of life that we have come to accept and, in some cases, respect and admire. It has become the main way of dealing with everything that comes along our path. It has also become a tradition that is not easily broken. Generations are born into the traditions of their mothers and fathers and bad habits are formed.

It has always been that differences between people cause anger and hostility. I think it is because we don’t take the time to think about others before we judge and jump to conclusions. I believe in jumping into the shoes of other people to understand a different way of life. If this is done, it should make it easier to live and let live. I don’t know why letting people live has been such a hard concept for the world to grasp but it really has. Countries all across the world find reasons to hate each other and then kill each other all the time. I believe that this is wrong. If everyone could move on and forget the past, I believe life could be better.

Forgiving someone that has wronged you is hard thing to do and ending a grudge can sometimes be near impossible. I understand that we can’t forget the past completely and it wouldn’t be smart to do so but I believe that everyone should make an effort to start over with their enemies and make friends.

It makes me sad to think about how wonderful this world could be if everyone could just understand these things. I’m also hopeful, though, that someday a brave person will get the notion to try this out and maybe spread the word to other brave people. I hope to see a world someday where communists, democrats, republicans, socialists, and everyone in between can live together, while learning from each other and bettering this world. I believe that it isn’t as hard as it seems.