Say Hi

Laurie - Michigan
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Say Hi

I believe everyone should say hi. Who would have thought that I’d learn this life lesson from a misfit at school?

“The most amazing thing happened to me today,” said the misfit boy as he shuffled up to me.

Of course, I responded with, “What?”

He said, “I’ll tell you later,” and rushed away.

I saw him again when I walked to class. He was holding the door open for everyone; Aww… what a gentlemen, I thought. I asked him what his “amazing experience” was. He said that a girl said hi to him. I couldn’t believe it … one simple word, that was it? He went on to explain that she acted really nice. When he had to leave, she said, “Bye,” and that made him feel sort-of … special.

I thought more about him and how that one greeting just made his day. “Hi” seems to have a way to put a smile on peoples faces – to brighten their day. “Hi” is a brief moment to point out another person. Taking a brief moment shows value in the person. Value leads to care, care leads to love, and, as John Lennon wrote, “… love is all you need.” Everyone deserves love, it doesn’t matter if they’re a misfit, everyone deserves love.

The next day I walked to school with my backpack and new outlook on life. Everyone should reach out to help each other; a big step in doing this, is by saying hi. Hi is a word replete with love. It should be used by everyone and to everyone. I’ll always remember the previous day’s events. He was a misfit boy. She was an average girl. She said hi, and it made his day. I try to say hi as often as possible. I was definitely going to stop and say hi to both of them that day.