Cody - tipton, Indiana
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question


I believe in why? As children why is probably one of the most commonly used word. Mom why is the dog licking himself? Why does dad have to leave every morning? Its natural curiosity. But what happens to this curiosity? Over time we start to lose it. We no longer care why something is how it is we just accept it.

I found myself a couple weekends ago getting frustrated with one of my nieces as she continuously asked me why my necklace was like that, why I chewed that stuff, why this was like that and that was like this. But then I later thought about it, she wants to know what we, “grown ups” do.

So how come us “grown ups” are okay with knowing what we know now and not pursuing our knowledge further? I think the question why could be asked more often. At work, at school, at church. Knowing why something is how it is helps one to understand.

Yet then I think maybe understanding is what frightens us. Maybe knowing why extra troops are being sent certain places or why retirement plans are being cut is the scary thing to us “grown ups.” So did curiosity really kill the cat? Or did it just scare it away?