This I Believe

Cameron - Fort Garland, Colorado
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

In this world of racial comments and demeaning insults, we try our best to be all that we can be. Through the jagged edges, and pointed slopes life throws at us, we push on, believing that there is a purpose to our suffering. Hope for success is what we strive on, and failure is what makes us stronger. When we put aside the thoughts of not being able to overcome our obstacles, we can focus on our true goal, may it be distant or near.

Although it may not be an easy path to take, it is the journey that prepares us for the reward that hard work and persistence gives to us. Our life isn’t determined by the obstacles that we face, but the course we choose to conquer those challenges. By pursuing our goals, we give ourselves a reason for being, telling everyone who looks upon us that we’re meant for greatness.

So you think to yourself, “Should I step away from the line of oppression that life brings down on me and become a leader? Or should I continue to follow everyone else, and not make myself known to the world?”

To these questions, I say we shouldn’t be followers; we must make our own path and break free from the restraints of the population, and be all we can be. Strive for prominence, push aside the obstructions that stand in your way, and keep moving forward.

This I Believe.