We Fall Down, And We Get Up

Jemila - Lacey, Washington
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has a point in their life where they believe they have hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go, I believe differently. My mother hit hers somewhere when she lost me to the foster care system and the following five years of addiction to drugs. After that she found there is no where to go but up.

Through the next years after my being taken away my mother struggled with inner demons and depression that wrapped itself around her like a poisoned vine trying to conquer her; still she survived, just barely. After being put in prison and seeing that she really could get no lower except for losing her life she saw a light that was her restored life and she decided to crawl to it. After her year in prison she came out with a different outlook on everything and worked from dusk till dawn to prove not only to everyone else, but most importantly herself that she would get up and come from her lowest point and live better than she had ever lived before.

It has been a year and with the bumps in the road of life that are guaranteed with anything that is worth fighting for my mother is making it. Once the woman dying on the street to the manager of the transitional house she lives in you would never recognize how life could have picked a person up so far when they were about to break and lose it all. A semester of school passed with a 4.0 and back for the next she is proving that all she once gave up on and all that my mother never thought she could do is possible.

Throughout this journey of her getting to this rising up, she has been faced with constant barriers that threatened to knock her back down. There has had to be some harsh truths that had to be realized in order to not stumble backwards and tears cried in order to wash away the impurities. And with all of that, like a roller coaster reaching the top never to come down she is no longer at rock bottom. She soars as an eagle as she pursues her dreams of being the woman she was always meant to be.