An Unexpected Outcome

kaitlyn - hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The crowd was quiet as they sat on the edge of their seats, holding their breath. I focused in on my goal, blocking out the sounds around me. This moment was the result of all my hard work, sweat, blood, pain. My teammates’ eyes were burning a hole through me and the outcome of the game was hanging by a thread. I took a deep breath and repeated the motion I had so often done in practice. My teammates went crazy and the crowd jumped out of their seats as the battle of the game continued. Who knew all these thrills and emotions could come from bowling: one of the most repetitive games in the world where most of the time you are sitting and waiting for your turn to come.

I believe excitement can be brought out of any situation.

I signed up for bowling with a friend because we didn’t feel like going home and we could bowl for free that day. At tryouts we messed around and did not take any of the games seriously. We went home thinking that we would never hear from the coach again. However, what started out as a small joke became our worst fear; we had made the team. Thinking the game was just a monotonous waste of time, we headed to practice prepared to be bored to death. As the pins fell so did our preconceived notions about bowling. I watched Carolynn bowl down the wrong lane, we bought tropical scented bowling balls, and we came to school with sore throats after cheering on the boys as they bowled a 300 Baker game. Even though it seemed mundane at first, the over the top teammates, the one of a kind stories, and our eccentric coach helped turn our situation around. This is why I believe that excitement is created, it does not create itself.