Maybe, Just Maybe

Megan - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe that…You should have the Freedom of Choice. Within the Freedom of Choice I believe that you should have the choice to have God in you life at schools. Most all schools do not allow you to sit and pray at school or let you speak or teach about God. They do not want anyone to be offended by anything pertaining to God. But by having the Freedom of Choices, maybe, just maybe, it may change the ways some people believe in.

Yes, granted most all schools have a moment of silence after the pledge each morning, but I believe that you should have the choice to participate. The moment of silence sometimes offend people, so if they do not like it they should not have to stay standing. Just sit down and let the rest of your class participate in it. I believe that the moment of silence is a good thing, because it lets us think of all the people overseas or all the people that has died for us. Especially, the number one person who has died for us. The person that died for us, so that we could have life. The person the took the beating for us. The government is now trying to take the moment of silence away from us. All it is, is an extra ten seconds of their time. We can not do much in ten seconds. We should be able to participate if we want to and if not just sit down. Maybe, just maybe, it would change someone’s life.

The government is trying to take the words “Under God” out of our pledge, and I believe that is wrong. If you do not like that part you should just not say them. We have learned those two words in the pledge since kindergarten. It is two words and if we take them out now after many years of saying them it will be to confusing. If God was not here we would not have a pledge, or moment of silence, or anything pertaining to God were it offends people on a daily basis, or even us, because he is the creator of us. Maybe, just maybe it would change someone’s life.

I believe if you want to be able to pray in schools, you should be allowed to pray. Everyone is saying, “It’s so sad what all these teenagers are doing with their life’s”, if they allowed us to pray, maybe, just maybe, some of the other teenagers will pick up on God and Believe in him to. Maybe, just maybe, it might change some people. Maybe, just maybe, it might change some teen’s lives if they would just allow us to have the Freedom of Choices. Maybe, Just Maybe.