The Early Bird

Sarah - San Luis Obispo, California
Entered on January 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

An angry alarm clock buzzer cuts through the stillness of the morning slicing the cool still air. Grudgingly I shuffle out of bed wondering where all the hours went. It’s six a.m., two hours before class. I make some coffee then jog to the gym and work out. After cleaning up I proceed to class and settle into my seat, attentive and ready to conquer the rest of the day. I believe in waking up early in order to be more productive.

There is an old cliché: “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. I use to roll over on to my other side and groan when my parents would recite these words to me at the ungodly hour of 10a.m. However, after a great deal of time and effort I realized the power of accomplishment hidden in those dawn hours.

There is something pleasant and almost selfish in seizing a few hours before the rest of the world wakes up and begins slugging through its day. It’s filing into the coffee shop desperate for a dosage of caffeine, it’s running into the rising sun feeling the crisp morning air cut your skin. These simple factors all pull me out of the comfort of my bed in the morning to get something done.

Personally, I am finished with class at noon. When I exit that classroom it feels like I’ve been awake forever. However, this comforts me because I am completely awake and relieved to be done with class, in the perfect mindset to tackle homework. I take comfort in knowing I’ve gone to the gym, finished class and made a significant dent in my homework before the sun has started creeping into the western sky. Granted, this isn’t solving world hunger or solving our energy crisis, but on a personal level I’ve accomplished a great deal.

Last quarter I had class generally in the afternoon and I was quite excited to be able to sleep in. However, when I began my day at 11am and finished class around 6, before I knew it was 8p.m. and I hadn’t even touched my homework. I had no structure. I rarely made it to the gym and had little time during the week to socialize. Then my grades began to suffer. I knew something had to change, so I reverted to my old routine in high school of waking up early.

Now I look foreword to the joy in that first cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise. I eagerly jog to the gym excited to start my day. I have more time to socialize and therefore have been able to develop stronger friendships. So I quickly roll over and turn of the alarm buzzer, assured that I have taken the initiative and put into motion a plan that will help my grades, my health and my overall well being.