Hard Work

Susan - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Hard work applies in school, politics, relationships, sports, and life in general. I believe that without hard work, you wouldn’t get anywhere.

This belief impacts my life because I think great things represent achievement and are obtained through hard work. If hard work wasn’t applied and everything remained easy, there would be nothing worth striving for and having pride in. Hard work means a rewarding feeling and time well spent. Being born two and a half months early, I fought for life even as an infant. I weighed in at just three pounds, nine ounces. When finally released from the hospital, I could sit in the palm of my mother’s hand with just my legs hanging over. Had it not been for the hard work provided by the neonatologists, my parents, and even a small contribution by myself, I wouldn’t live today. Having it in my life from the day I came into the world, I know what hard work means.

I’ve been physically active for as long as I can remember. However, if I didn’t work hard athletically, I wouldn’t have attained my goals. I play on a traveling basketball team but if I didn’t work hard in order to succeed at tryouts, there’s no way I’d have a place on the team. Even staying on the team can present itself as a struggle. Goofing off at practice and paying little attention in games results in limited playing time, something my coach isn’t afraid to give. I found that out the hard way, over-socializing at practice.

Even school requires hard work, something many students don’t offer. My parents do not pressure me about good grades, rather the pressure coming from myself. My expectations for myself have always been and will continue staying high. If I don’t work hard, I won’t meet my goal of getting a 4.0 grade-point-average. Getting less than an a-minus frustrates me, knowing that I can do better. I brought home a progress report from social studies with a b-plus on it, and was on the verge of tears. I’ve always worked hard in academics, striving for a better grade than my brothers. Sometimes, competition seems like the only motivation for working hard.

Without hard work, accomplishments would rarely take place. No one would take pride, and self-esteem would stay low. People achieve nothing by sitting around, watching television, or snacking on food. Everyone has hard work thrust upon them, whether visible or not. Deep down, everyone has the motivation for hard work, or the ability to find that motivation. But no one would achieve, accomplish, or fulfill their dreams without hard work. In fact, no one would be anywhere without hard work. This I believe.