Pillars of Support

Lindsay - Hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Pillars of Support.

I believe that there are three important factors that make any marriage function, and without these no marriage will truly succeed. I have personally seen this theory at hand because my parents separated while I was in second grade. Love is a powerful emotion that not all people are blessed enough to experience; often overlooked is this gift that God has created for us, the ability for a man and woman to share their intimacy as one. Without all three pillars, marriages will break because they support the heavy responsibilities of being in a relationship.

I believe in communication. Just talking to one another; a self-explanatory process that is often ignored. The simple action of relating an experience of a bad day at work, or a time when nothing is going right. Emotions are feelings that need to be shared, and it is important to feel the ease and satisfaction of sharing stories about a day with one another. A marriage will not work without communication.

I believe in trust. What is love without trust? Vows that are shared between a man and a woman at the time of their marriage are meant for a purpose, it is so they can promise to give their full devotion to one another. The absence of trust will lead to trials and tribulations. Marriages in which secrets are kept and lies are told are sure to fail and be torn apart. Trust is defined as a reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and surety of a person; without these things a marriage is not whole. A marriage will not work without trust.

I believe in God. The one who has the power to do great things. God is the one who created this wonderful experience of being in love. The same religious beliefs in God are important to agree upon; going to church as a couple, praying as a couple, believing as a couple. There is a security in being able to rely on God when troubles arise in a marriage; God is the backbone of love. A marriage will not work without God.

Communication, trust, God; the significant keys to all marriages. It does not work to mix and match between the three, not just trust and communication or trust and God, it is all three; all or nothing. In love, two people, joined in holy matrimony, cannot communicate without trust, cannot trust without God, and without God they cannot communicate. I believe a marriage will not succeed without the three pillars of support.