The Young Voice of America

Patrice - Wayne, New Jersey
Entered on January 25, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that young people have the right to be heard in national news outlets and to express their opinions about events that have and will have a direct impact on their lives. Media outlets should make more of an effort to reach out to the young voice. Our generation should have more of an opportunity to be heard among the analysts, pundits, and experts. I believe we should have more of an opportunity to write editorials about what effects our generation as well as speaking on news channels.

National and International news effects our daily lives today and will effect our lives tomorrow. We are the generation that will be left to face to consequences of decisions made today. For example, our generation will be the first to face a truly global market and international job competition. We will be paying off the federal debt to bail out the economy now far into our old age. We should at least have a better opportunity to express our views. Our voice as the future generation should be heard and I believe our voice can educate and inform many.

I had come to believe this as a freshmen entering college. My interest in the news business sparked but I wondered why my voice couldn’t be heard? How could a whole generation full of opinions and ideas could be left out of mainstream media.

While interning with MSNBC, I decided to develop a concept for a show for their daily programming. It was called MSNBC ON CAMPUS where student reporters from different universities around the country had the opportunity to talk live with an anchor about national news that affected their generation and news that impacted their colleges.

I had the opportunity to go on MSNBC as a student analyst where I discussed Eliot Spitzer’s proposal for a limited drivers license, I debated whether the draft should be re-instated and I discussed the right for child health care.

The program ran for two years. Even though they took it off their daily programming it started a ripple effect. ABC News has started a similar program ABC News On Campus to get student opinions.

This concept I believe will continue to grow because our generation has a lot to say and a lot of people are now interested in listening.