Family Matters

Samantha - HUDSONVILLE, Michigan
Entered on January 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family Matters

At one Point this year I thought friends were everything but that later changed. Where I was going that weekend, who I was dating and just trying to get out of the house were the most important things to me. Never wanting to be stuck home with those loonies that I had to call “family” . Friends are were my priority and I would much rather be with them than the people who will be there no matter what. I had either have your phone glued to your ear or I was pretending to pay attention as you text my buddies to get the hang out spot for the night. I guess it took me getting into to a lot of trouble to finally figure out how important family can be.

I had been living at my aunt and uncles for about two months at the time and it was so different because I was only allowed to go places twice a week and my phone was off at 10 every night. Such a drastic change for me because just at the beginning of the year I was running wild and living life day by day. I didn’t care about what I did as long as I was having fun. I would say I was going one place and head somewhere else and not let my family know where I was. Then it was way to much to handle for my dad and I moved to my aunts and uncles. Wow, my family does not know what they are going to do with…but then again why should I care? At this point all I had was friends. That is what I thought at least.

One day I tried to get away with something I knew was not right at all and I got caught. Grounded. I felt like I was in jail. Then one night my little cousin and I decided that we were going to build a fort like we used to do when we were little. We gathered every blanket,pillow and clothes pin we could find. We began to build and once it was done we crawled inside and just like that it hit me as I looked at my little cousin’s face full of smiles. I started to question my self. Why was I running away from the people who loved me the most? Why did I never want to be home?

At that moment I realized that spending time with family was the most important thing ever. I realized that I was only running away from the people who were trying to help me and now I had stop acting like that. . The week that I was grounded I learned that your family may be crazy and wild or even in some way embarrassing but they are your family. They are not going anywhere and they are there to stand behind you and some how you have to cherish every moment. Friends eventually fade as you grow and move on with life, but your family stands strong with you until the day you die.