This I Believe

Rachel - White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Entered on January 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Beep..Beep..Beep, the alarm would go off, telling me its 6:00 AM and time to get ready for school. Quickly I would hop in the shower, so I could immediately get started at the job that consisted of most, if not all of my morning.

I got my first hair straightener when I started the seventh grade. All of the other girls at school had pin-straight beautiful hair, so I had to find some solution to flatten my curly locks. For the two years of seventh and eighth grade, my hair straightener was my best friend. It went pretty much everywhere with me. Having a different texture of hair was something that I couldn’t accept, so for those two whole years I would wake up early and spend 45 minutes each morning reputedly destroying, and flattening my, once bouncy curls. Along with all of the damage and breakage that was going on, my mornings were everything but pleasant.

I remember one morning I woke up late, and I didn’t have my usual 45 minutes to spend straightening my hair. I got really upset, and I kinda freaked out. I will always remember what my Mom told me flowing my little outburst, she said, “Rachel chill out, It’s just hair!” That short little comment made me feel a bit stupid for freaking out over something that really wasn’t a big deal. I really started to consider giving my hot iron a little break, So starting in ninth grade I adopted a change for the better.

I believe that whether your hair is wild and curly or calm and straight the best thing to do is “Let It Be.” Each and every one of us were given different qualities to be different and unique. How boring would it be if we all looked the same? As I think back to the countless days I spent frying my hair, I think why? Why did I care so much about what other people were thinking? And why couldn’t I just let it be? Even though I can’t exactly think of the answers, the one thing I can tell you is I now accept my hair for what it is, bouncy, curly, sometimes crazy, but most importantly its simply me All that I had to do was “let it be”, This I believe!