Different on the Outside, Same on the Inside

Sydney - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

This I believe

“There is Stephanie and Adam! Let’s go say hey to them.” I pull my friend in towards them.

“Um, no thanks, you can go; I’m going to go play, wall ball.” She says running away.

This is the thing that makes me most angry about people. If someone looks out of the ordinary or is a wheelchair they are automatically scary, that statement has no truth to it. We are all humans and all different and unique in our own ways. Some of us may have brown or blonde hair, some people are tall and some short and we don’t look at them like they are unusual. Why should we look at people in wheelchairs or people who have tics any different?

I believe that we are all different on the outside but we are all the same on the inside.

When I hear that saying my mind goes straight to two of my close friends with cerebral palsy. Those people have changed my life significantly.

Since the first time I met Stephanie, on my very first day of kindergarten, everyone else hid

behind their mom or dad and wouldn’t talk to anyone, not me though. From across the room I could see Stephanie because she was the only person that wasn’t hiding. Marching up to her, I could see that she wasn’t exactly like me but, who is? I didn’t know her or that she couldn’t talk but I could tell that she was listening. She was my best friend from the first time I met her. Once I started talking I never noticed she was in a wheelchair and I didn’t notice she couldn’t talk, all I noticed is that she laughed a lot and was a great listener.

Adam is from my fifth grade class. Like Stephanie he was also in a wheelchair but that didn’t faze me a bit. I only saw that he was laughing and he told the best I jokes I ever heard. If there was an award for most caring person he would win without a doubt. When he was doing his speech on how to plant a seed he dropped some soil on the carpet and he just started balling. He felt terrible that he had ruined the carpet but we just smiled and comforted him because it was so sweet that he felt so bad when we would just turn red and keep going.

Those are a few examples of extraordinary people who may look unique and not like us but they are very similar to us. They have feelings, thoughts and actions that they show. Some might not be able to show them as easy as me and you but they still have them in there. When I see someone be rude to them it’s horrible but, when someone is nice the feeling is indescribable. Everyone is different on the outside but we are all the same on the inside, this I believe.