Why Bother?

Dawud - Florence, South Carolina
Entered on January 24, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

What is it that separates us from realty or joins us with the spiritual world? The thin barrier the two rivals that have been fighting since the beginning of time, only life and death is the separation. Living organisms are the cursed souls of forever. It is like we are being teased by the all powerful creator. The gift of life is given but it is the small fine print that no one ever reads. This fine print is the document signed and sealed the moment you are born. It states that, you are granted life at the expense of your life.

As intelligent beings we realize this outcome and look for false hope to insure that our light will never be stripped from us. The false hope that we refer to is religion. There is a promise of life after your current life, only to sugarcoat the reality of death. The idea of heaven and hell is nothing but that, an idea. I think that we are already in hell, walking its surface until or biological time clock hits zero. Hope is enough to keep most of us going on to live the lives that we do.

Why give a shit if after all this, the battle is a losing one?

As a person that’s constantly seen death and the after effects of it, I wonder “why?” a lot. I have lost family members, from uncles to cousins, and it is not easy to move on from. My uncle was taken from me about five years ago over nothing. He was shot in the head right across the street from his home. We already know that it is going to happen to everyone; when is the unknown factor. We live and grow these strong bonds and relationships to others, not thinking about the future that is to be death. We are so lost in our own minds that the realization of the end doesn’t hit us until the end nears, or someone close to us reaches it.

There are some out there that see death as an honorable end and accept the finalization. To fear the inevitable is only but a waste of the little time you have to live. We grieve because the bond that we build with this person is so strong that letting go is next to impossible. So we slowly walk the surface of hell as lost souls for the time we are given. Consider our creator the ultimate “Indian giver” as he gives us the most precious thing but can suddenly at any given moment take it away.

I believe that we as a whole are so lost in the unimportant things in life and are in a state of denial and will always remain there because it is not in the “norm” to do otherwise. Yes, we are soon to die and be forgotten, but the ironically we are okay with that.