Promises, Promises

Ashley - Hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I woke up to my alarm clock playing my favorite song. As I jumped up to silence it, I couldn’t help but move to the beat. Normally I go through the same routine to get ready for school, but hearing this song made me feel hopeful. I needed change in my life, so I decided to run things a little differently. I marched to my bathroom, stood firmly in front of my mirror, looked myself straight in the eye, and stated in a confident voice, “Today will be a great day.” Now that felt good. As I made this pack to myself, the certainty in my voice even convinced me this could be the best day ever. I was proud of myself for being optimistic; it doesn’t happen often.

My day started off smoothly. I had an omelet for breakfast, and if there’s anything to get me energized that was perfect. To top it off, I had a glass of chocolate milk to satisfy any remaining cravings. I was living up to what I said, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

Nevertheless, as soon as I stepped into school everything went in a drastic downward spiral as if the whole world turned against me at once. What did I ever do to deserve this? I was optimistic for Pete’s sake. That should account for something, right?

Apparently not. I forgot to do my homework in two classes, my contact had a rip in it causing my eye to become irritated, and to make matters worse, I had a pop quiz in my least favorite course. I don’t take things like this lightly; I’m an emotional person. It’s ludicrous how I let a few isolated incidents thoroughly demolish a perfect day. All the little things were going wrong, and I wasn’t able to handle it; so much for my amazing omelet.

I was on the verge of a mental breakdown when I saw it: the thing that brought full color back to my cheeks. It was a kind gesture, one I plan to take to heart, and one I plan to do to others in return. What I witnessed was a smile from a complete stranger. Oh how lucky I felt that someone would take the time to acknowledge my existence. After the day I had been having, it was heartwarming to know someone still cared. Without hesitation, a smile curved my lips in response.

My day turned around at that moment. I was able to forget all the insignificant things going wrong and focus on the subjects which truly mattered. This brought me back to when I was standing in front of my mirror. I made a promise to myself, and I needed to fulfill that promise. I assured myself that this would be a great day and that’s what needed to happen. As fate would have it, this stranger made it happen. All it took was his friendly gesture to pull me back to the reality of what I believe.

I believe in keeping promises: the small ones, the big ones, even the ones I make to myself. I have to remain truthful in this world no matter how hard it may seem. Life is only as good as I make it, and this I believe with all my heart.