I believe in organizing

Heather - Washington, District of Columbia
Entered on January 24, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in organizing. Organizing means people coming together around the concerns of our lives. So often problems we face—exorbitant medical bills, our kids’ education, the quality of the food or water—are shared by others. They are social problems. We can take personal action, and need to, but when the problems are social, we can find social solutions. This calls for organizing, taking action together.

I believe that people can solve so many of our problems by working together. We can win high quality affordable health care for all, we can have safe food and water, we can have the education we want for our kids. In organizing, we not only can solve problems, but we ourselves change. I believe through organizing people find a sense of their own power, their self-confidence. I believe too often people are told they are not good enough, don’t know enough to take action.

I believe the worst legacy of this last period was the diminished belief people had that change was possible. The diminished hope that they could actually change the world for the better.

We have just elected a President who is an organizer and who calls on us to organize.

To seize the promise of this moment, I believe we need to organize—not just in elections, but in our daily lives, on the issues that concern us. I believe we can win real improvements in our lives, give people a sense of their own power and begin to change the relations of power in the society, if we organize.

We have seen how people stopped lynching and expanded the right to vote—because they organized. We have seen how women became fuller parts of the society because they organized. We have seen how working people won better conditions, because they organized. We have seen how organizing can improve our lives, raise our hopes, bring us together, and strengthen our country. Through organizing, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

There is still so much to do. I believe part of the solution to the great problems of this country—on the economy, on health care that costs too much, on immigrants living in the shadows, on people who have always played by the rules losing their jobs and homes—is to join together and organize for social solutions to these social problems. I believe we can level the playing field and hold those who have been making the decisions accountable. I believe we can rise up and as a people create better communities, better lives and a better country.

I believe in organizing and I believe in the ability of people to change the world when we organize. It is the major reason positive change has happened in the past and it is the major reason we can make this change in the future. And to seize the promise of this moment, we need to organize.

This I believe.