There is Good in Every Person

Laura - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Many people probably look at the title and think that there is no way it is true. There are so many bad people out there that do nothing but evil things. People like Hitler. Well, I’m here to say that there IS good in every person. People just need to learn to look through the bad outside to see the good inside. It has taken me many years to learn how to do it, but I can do it.

There have been many things that have happened to me that made me believe that there are some people are truly evil. After thinking about it, I’ve learned to use forgiveness. They are not completely evil. I mean, there is no child who was born evil and their parents raised them to be that way. What parent would want to see their own flesh and blood killing or hurting people? Not me. Just because someone has done something wrong in their life doesn’t make them an evil person. Everybody sins. Everyone screws up sometime in their life. I’m a good person, but do messing up and doing things wrong or bad make me a bad person? I don’t think so.

Now, I’m not saying that every person is perfect. There is no way that that could happen. Nobody’s perfect. I just want people to see that everyone has some kind of good inside of them. Whether its love, compassion, caring for someone (including themselves), or going to church every Sunday for your entire life. Everyone does some kind of good things at some point in their life.

Ok, I know that a lot of people have already read this far and still disagree with me. You could ask to yourself, “What about murderers, child molesters/abusers, rapists, parents who sexually violate their own children, abusive spouses?” Well, the thing is, every one of those people have a conscience so are they truly evil people? No. We are more likely to succeed in life if we are not blind to the good in every person.

Here is some advice: If you can’t see the good in a person, then pretend that you do. Treat the person as if they are special. Maybe later on you’ll be able to see the good. You’ll never know until you try.