Slides & Rollerblades

Mia - Niles, Illinois
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that rollerblading down a slide is an awesome idea. Like most teenagers, I’ve constantly been told what not to do since I was young. So naturally when it comes time to choose whether or not I’m going to do it, I almost always do.

It was a humid, summer evening of 1998 when I decided it would be fun to rollerblade down a slide. The usual neighborhood gang filled my backyard and alley. Some kids had bikes, some skateboards, and some were playing tag, but I happened to be rollerblading. Although we all were off on our own for most the evening, we all happened to be playing on a mini jungle gym in my backyard when I had a bright idea regarding the jungle gym. The jungle gym was made of brightly colored plastic pieces and had a side with holes to climb up, an underneath to hide out, and most importantly, a slide. Although I had been told many times to not play on the jungle gym in rollerblades, I decided it was the best idea ever to go down the slide, standing up. I managed to shimmy my way to the top of the lofty, four and a half foot top of the slide. Thinking I was the bee’s knees, I called down to all my friends to watch me. I was so sure of my impulsive idea that I let go immediately and began my journey down. It went very smoothly until I hit the grass with my skates, halted to a stop, and fell backwards trying to catch myself with my arms. There’s a 99% chance I would have been just fine if I had worn elbow pads. Unfortunately, I was ill prepared and didn’t think entirely through my “great” plan. The result was a broken left elbow.

Since this incident, I’ve realized that sometimes risks are not worth it, but also sometimes they are. However, in order to carry out a risk in the best manner and make it a positive situation, not a regret, I must properly prepare myself first. In this case I should have made sure the situation was safe and that I was properly equipped, such as wearing elbow pads, before I suffered the unfortunate consequences. Because of this lesson I learned about risk taking, I still believe rollerblading down a slide is an awesome idea even if I broke my arm.