Dreams Take You Places

Christopher - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

When I wake up each morning I see a light. In my vision I see a goal that guides me through the day. The goal relates to my dream. In order to reach a dream, you need to have goals to get you closer. Why would you choose to live your life if you had nothing to aim for? I believe dreams will take me places.

I have one passion in life for now, and that is to get accepted into the University of California at Los Angeles. I live for this dream every day. The realization of a dream can only come to you with serious processing. To reach your dream it takes steps, or in other words, goals. For instance, to become a billionaire you need to have a good education. You also need to have a job where you develop success, most likely a prestigious one, like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. One of the most highly ranked schools in the nation is UCLA. To get there, I have to get A’s for grades, not C’s. The hard work I do in junior high will not go to waste, because my study habits prepare me for high school. The colleges will look at the high school grades, so the steps that I am taking now impact my future and prepare me for my dream.

I’m working very hard to get ready for high school. Some students get C’s in junior high and say they will try harder in high school. When your brain has been trained to earn a C, to acquire an A mentality can be very difficult. I try to take each day one step at a time because it keeps me focused on my dream. When I have the feeling of not achieving my goal, I remind myself, I will have to do it to reach my dream.

Goals don’t have to be major, they can be small; however, as long as you dream and have goals, you will go places. It relates to climbing a mountain. To get to the top you have to have goals. I dream and this motivates me to accomplish my goals, which will take me to the top of the mountain.