Believing In Reading

Brooke - Thousand Oaks, California
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in reading for the improvement of the mind. As a little girl, I despised reading. I thought it a complete waste of time. My teachers constantly tried to get me to read in books that held no interest. Personally, I didn’t really get into reading until the Harry Potter books came out. I began reading several books after the first Harry Potter book come to the shelves. My Father reads western novels, my mother is into romantic historian books the most, and my older brother is into sci-fi fantasy. I love fantasy more than anything but when I was little I pushed all books away. My little brother is into non-fiction books. When I was twelve, I really got into reading. I love books so much that now I will read anything.

I enjoy ideas, thoughts, actions, information, and the trails, which books present. It teaches me a lot when I pick up a book and learn about what it contains inside. I write what I think, and what I imagine. I read for the purpose to enjoy and learn. Books in medieval times all the way to the present day hold my passion. Fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, and many more pick my interest. I believe that through books a whole world of imagination and learning opens up. An article or essay is like the beginning to a story and even though that story is short, you can always bring something important out of it. Books hold dangerous adventures and facts within each paragraph. Even books that have been listed as Fantasy holds a deep truth in it. Genre’s matter little when it comes to learning. Sci-fi brings out possibilities for the future and facts of the past. People are all the same in books, they live, and they all have different personalities but they are realistic.

A character that may be an elf, a dwarf, or even a made up creature has a realistic story or background and they are realistic by personalities. Emotion and passions are real and through that path a lesson is taught. I read to learn and I believe that reading is learning. Many people learn differently and have different tastes, even with books. Whether that genre is mystery or contemporary romance, they will learn something important to life. Wisdom comes from learning, growing, and understanding the things taught. In books, I find my wisdom grows. The wise characters bring forth realization of some small truth to my eyes and in doing so, something changes in my life. I take what I learn from books, I try to apply it to everything I do, and everything else I learn.

My books thrill me. If I don’t have a book to read or a story to learn I find myself searching for one. Books educate my vocabulary, my creative mind, and my soul. With each new book, I bring something else to the table. These tools taught to me by the book I read before help me in return to understand setting, and facts. A history book teaches me of the past and a fantasy book can do that same. They both hold lessons about courage and morals when I come to know what they say. Sometimes a book helps me understand more about where the Author came from, their background, and what they have experienced. To me reading and writing is one of the most important things in my life and I would cry if I couldn’t have them. I believe that through books, my mind is open to more possibilities, things that I couldn’t understand before.