I Believe The White House Is Like A Massive River

Li Li - San Luis Obispo, California
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that the White House is like a massive river that flows into the tributaries of society. In the past four years, (I’m being kind), a multitude of obstructions and impediments have either clogged or cut off the rivers flow. I believe that Barak Obama has the ability to remove those impediments. With his clear lens and intelligent observations he has the ability to twig by twig, branch by branch, log by log eradicate all debris that prevents our government from flowing freely in the way that our for fathers intended and we so rightfully deserve.

When Michael Angelo first gazed at the pristine slab of marble from which he would sculpt David, he said that his job was simply to remove the excess, that David was waiting inside. Our great country is brimming with potential, tributaries waiting to be fed from the massive river. Now, more than ever I believe that with our help, our new president can unite his visions with our reality. We can do more than just change America and by extension the world, we can rejuvenate our country so that it may once again be prosperous and exercise the freedom, liberty and justice that each of us know in our hearts and souls is our home.