a missunderstood teenager

Keith - kent, Washington
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

In The Catcher in the Rye, written J.D. Salinger, the book shows how Holden can be mentally ill but I think otherwise. I think he is a misunderstood teenager because he is flunking out of every class but one and has been kicked out of every private school he has gone to; also he is scared of telling his parents and cuts himself off from other people.

“They kicked me out. I wasn’t supposed to come back after Christmas vacation, on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself and all.” This shows that Holden is misunderstood by not putting him in classes that would help him. “They gave me frequent warning to start applying myself.” Holden was misunderstood by being told he needed to apply himself but the school never saw that he may of needed help, but instead thy just kicked him out. He has been kicked out of every school because of him failing classes. His parents don’t see that he is misunderstood teenager where they just keep sending him to another private school. “I mean I’ve left schools and places I didn’t even know I was leaving them.” Some of the schools that he has been kicked out of never told him he was kicked out.

“I remember around three o’clock that afternoon I was standing up on top of Thomsen Hill, right next to this crazy cannon that was in the Revolutionary War and all.” This shows how he cuts himself off from other people just by standing on top of the hill instead of just going to the game. “Not so loud. Just now.” He didn’t want his sister, Phoebe, to be too loud and wake up the whole house; he didn’t want his parents to know he didn’t want them to know he was home early. This showed how he cut off from his parents and other people in his life.

During the whole book it showed how he cut himself of from others and that he really didn’t want to go to school by getting kicked out of school. That is how I saw him as being a misunderstood teenager, and is not mentally ill.