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kris - agusta, Virginia
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I really enjoy working hard. I work at Les Schwab. Running is key to work here. You must work hard at everything you do. I have made a lot of friends working here. It also teaches me great work ethics. I take pride in what I do. I remember the first day I started my manager was yelling at me when I forgot to bring in the tire stands. Also when I go to drop off parts and forget to bring the parts. He laughed instead of yelling that time. I love to make things work. If it doesn’t work I will do it over. I will never leave jobs half done. When I work on something everything must be right.

The thing I cherish most is riding dirt bikes. The day I got my first dirt bike was in September 2003. My parents brought me down to Hinshaws motorcycle store. When we got there they surprised me by buying me a dirt bike. I have had a few more since then, but the first was the most memorable. Wherever I go riding I meet new people. Most are my friends now. I enjoy going camping with them and trips to the track. We have a tradition where we go to super cross every year. We have a good time watching the pros ride. I also look up to the pros a lot because they are good influences.

I do everything for fun and pride. It teaches me discipline. The way I feel is if you don’t love what you do; then change it so you do. It wouldn’t be right to live life doing something you don’t like. It just wouldn’t make sense to me. I am a senior now and I like meeting new people and would like to meet more in the future at college.