over coming Mt Fuji

Morgan - rexburg, Idaho
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Ninety- eight, ninety nine, one hundred a sigh of relief came over me I had two minutes to sleep before I had to start back up the mountain. The ascent was like walking straight up it was so steep that they put a rail and rope to literally pull yourself a little further up. I was six years old so the climb up Mt Fuji would seem to difficult for such a little person, and that was exactly what my parents thought, they had already planned to take me down after half way but when I had walked one hundred steps then slept for two minuets all the way up the steep and jagged rocks I was not going to just go back down. When I decided to continue on my parents were not thrilled because they thought that the further I got up the further it would be for them to take me down, but I love proving people wrong about me. Many hours later I took the last one hundredth step I would need to summit Mt Fuji the excitement and exhaustion came all at once and I just wanted to drop right there, I had done it and if I had to I could do it again, well maybe… Being as little as I was I was curious to see what I had just spent the entire day climbing to see, so I walked over to the edge of the opening in the volcano to look down it was interesting but really I had just pulled myself up a mountain to see a hole to say the least it was a disappointment so I was moping a little and then one of the Buddhist monks came over he look like you would expect a monk to look like he was wearing the traditional kimono and had a shaved head so when you see him he calls respect but to me he looked like a big teddy bear. So he came over to where my dad and I were standing and asked me my age and I told him in the little Japanese that I could that I was six and with shock on his face he turns to my dad and said “you carried her up all this way” laughing my dad replied “no I could hardly pull myself up here let alone her” the monk look excited and a little surprised he preceded to talk to my dad in Japanese so I had no clue what was going on after they had finished talking my dad told me that I was the youngest person the monks had found that had climbed to the top. Because of my stubbornness I was able to do something no one else my age had done plus they gave me a great present. I have had to “climb mountains” in my life that seem to be the Everest of all problems, but knowing that I had climbed a reached the top helps me to continue on even when I was the one who believes I can’t complete my goal or overcome whatever problem I was going through. That is why I believe in continuing on when people believe you can’t possibly make it.