What Friendship Means To Me

Laura - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

“Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say,” -Anonymous

Being best friends means that you can open up your heart to each other, and tell secrets that you could not trust others to keep. When it seems like everything in your life comes crumbling down, they come help pick up the pieces. They make you smile during the midst of hard times, and will never care about the bad things people have to say about you. Rumors and reputations mean nothing to them; you just have to be yourself.

I believe that friends should treat you the way you treat them. Although I love my friends, I think it is better to have a few close friends rather than having many that you cannot always trust. In the past, I have drifted apart from some of my friends, realizing that they never stayed loyal.

“Hey, um, where were you at lunch? You promised to sit with me. I needed to tell you something really important,” I said to my friend. “Oh sorry I forgot. I was sitting with the popular people.”

When my friends need me, I listen to their story, at times giving them advice and comfort. It was a mistake to assume that I would get the same thing back.

In elementary school, everyone seemed to be carefree. I loved life, and never even imagined having conflicts with other people. Having fun meant the world to me, and I wished it stayed that way. It seemed like, as I got older, having to deal with problems replaced the fun times I could have had instead.

I would say I’m an independent person most of the time, but there can be times when I need a friend I can trust who will always be there for me. People can’t change other people, but I am determined to be the kind of friend I want others to be for me. This I believe.