I believe in unplanned acts of service

Casey - Portland, Oregon
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe In Unplanned Acts Of Service

I hate to be late, and I would rather be an hour ahead then one second after.. Maybe my feelings about being late come from my childhood. My dad would always crack the whip over our heads to get us going, but we were never never never late. His siser, parents, and brother were late, but we well we were always on time.

I believe you should always be on time, but I believe in doing service. I believe that the best service rendered is often the most inconvenient.

Once, I was on my way to a meeting once, and of course I was dressed in a suit and tie. I had on my best French cuffed shirt, and everything fell into place to be right on time. I got out of the car, and at a brisk walk knowing I would arrive a few minutes early, but I believe in doing service even if it is unplanned. I raced down the parking lot only to see a teenage girl with her father under the open hood of a car. It was late, cold, and I new I could help, but it would cost me. Some of the best service rendered is often the most inconvenient. Hmm that sounds familiar right about now, I thought. “What a night to bring my best cloths.” Within minutes I found myself under the hood, and I was freezing as her dad and I worked to trade out her battery.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice being on time for an unplanned act of service. I’ve been “under the hood my car” many times. So when I’m on my way, and something happens I’m grateful that I’m not the only person who believes in unplanned act of service.