Never Forget

Chloe - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

“Good bye”

Two words we hear often, but have you ever had to say it and not know when you will see them again? It could take a week, months, or even years to see them again. Nearly a year ago I had to leave all my loved ones and friends in Florida to come move to Oregon. Leaving is the hardest part of the transition but I will never forget them. I believe that leaving friends is not forgetting them.

Transitioning from one state to the next is harder than anyone could think. Coming from a place where I have many friends and family then going to a place where I am all alone makes me feel like I don’t belong. But when I meet people and branched out I felt more comfortable. Dealing with it was hard but once I made friends it made it easier. No matter how many friends I’ve made here I still will remember everyone back home.

Old Friends and new friends are all alike and they will always have your back no matter the situation. When times get hard I will always have someone there for me where I live now and where I lived before. People in the world have to deal with this everyday and I will always know that I’m not alone. It may be a hard thing for some people and if you are experiencing it just keep thinking positive and everything will start to get better.

When I heard the news about my family moving I told all my friends and everyone seemed so shocked to see I was moving across the country. When it came time to all my friends and family were sad but my family and I were excited. The airplane ride seemed to take forever before we reached our new home. Thrill entered everyone’s face. Nearly a week later my siblings and I started school. My brother and sister adjusted well but I, on the other hand, did not. No one really talked to me and I didn’t have any friends. I wanted to leave so badly and go back to where I was accepted, but then I told myself it will be okay. I kept thinking positive and everyday it got better. More people talked to me and I felt welcomed.

Leaving friends is hard but forgetting them is even harder. Personally I wouldn’t ever forget my friends. This way is better because then I know that I still have people there for me and they will always have my back even if no one else does. Dealing with this previously, I know what it’s like to have no one to talk to or rely on but my friends in Florida were always there and now I have friends here to rely on as well.

Departing from friends is one of the hardest things to do for people of all ages. But leaving is not forgetting.