Spread Your Wings

Kaitlyn - Hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

A group of geese were attending church one day. The preacher gave an awe-inspiring service on how to fly. They thought it was the greatest sermons they had ever experienced in their lives. When the service drew to a close, they got up, waddled out the door, and went back to their ponds. Many people are exactly like these geese; they go to church on Sunday, and act like they are Christians, but when they go home, their faith is not put into motion.

People always tell me to live out my faith to the highest. I feel that when you believe in something, like God, you should always follow what He says, and His word is above all else. If you truly believe something, then you will live it out and show it to others to the best of your ability.

Many teenagers drink, get high, and sleep around. The laws of the land and abstinence are supposed to be closely observed. When I hear that another teen has died due to alcohol or taking drugs, my heart sinks deep into my chest. Anything that causes harm to oneself or others, should not be done.

Love: one of the most important factors in the Christian faith, should be shown to everyone, especially your enemies. Love can be one of the greatest gifts someone ever receives. So much hate is present in our world. I hear so many people, especially the ones who say they are Christians, telling how much they hate the people that are different from them, as if everyone is supposed to conform to what they say. Many Christians are known as hypocrites because they are taught to love and teach others to love, but the “Christians” do not show love in return.

The Bible clearly states,“You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name,”(Exodus 20:7). This sin is one of the most commonly used statements I hear. No matter where I am, whether at school or in a store, I hear those bone cringing words. To listen to these so called Christians saying what they say, makes my mind and stomach churn.

If you choose to be like the geese, then you are not living the Christian way. I believe in always living out your faith. Don’t waddle out the door, spread your wings and fly.