I believe in the absolute of war

Chris - Temple, Georgia
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: war

I believe in the absolute of war. Ever since there was recording by mankind there have been writing of wars. I believe that war in the basest since is conflict, struggle. It would be a wonderful thing if we could all live in peace. What things we could accomplish if we could all work together as one. We could stop the production of useless war machines. Guns, Bombs, Tanks all would be used instead to further mankind’s well-being. There would be no need for countries and boundaries. All would live in accord with one another.

My Uncle Darrell fought in the Second World War. When I was young my dad insisted that we go and visit him on Sunday afternoons at the nursing home. I still remember the flowerlike aroma like it was yesterday. We would sit for hours and listen to him speak. He would speak of victories and defeats in his younger days. I would sit and listen and dream of going on such adventures. How foolish that was. Among the stories I could still feel the pain in his voice when he spoke of lost friends and brothers in arms. War is truly a terrible thing.

War will always be as long as there are two opposing sides. Good and evil can never let the other win. Conflict is inevitable as long as there are disagreements of such radical degree. In the great expanse of the heavens, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon in the great conflict in heaven. God opposes Satan in great conflict even now. Is there an escape from war if it takes place in the greatest of all places?

In the end I see that war will always come to us. It comes in different forms and degrees but it will come as long as there are good and evil men. Would it be right to let evil do whatever it wishes? Or would war be a righteous choice. I weep and I joy of war. I sorrow for the innocent who suffer for others misdeeds and I am glad for the justice that is delivered. All in all though, war is a terrible and destructive thing that I wish we could avoid, If only that were possible.