Helping the Poor

Peter - Atkinson, New Hampshire
Entered on January 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the poor of America can’t succeed because we refuse to let them. We call them lazy, uneducated; they’re “hurting” the country. They struggle to survive on wages barely rising above $7 an hour and we say it’s their fault they can’t get a better job or improve their life, when it’s simply because the rich are striking them down, and don’t allow them to get better jobs. Bosses, money obsessed corporations, and unaffordable educations make it practically possible to pick yourself back up once you’re working down at the local Wal-Mart in order to survive.

A high school student, I just took economics and learned all about what companies are doing today, just so their bosses can build a multimillion dollar house and go out and buy some $100,000 car. Corporations move into rural areas where they practically enslave the people their. They get to a point where they put every other business in the area down, and give the local citizens no choice but to work there, for minimum wage with no benefits. Then, every cent they earn goes back into their company because there isn’t anywhere else to go. They can’t change jobs because they have a family to feed and can’t go for 3 weeks without a paycheck.

We allow businesses to use and abuse the poor of America. You might hear people say they’re all illegal immigrants, they don’t belong here anyways, but it’s not just immigrants its people all over America. We’re surrounded by greedy, selfish people who are more worried about how much they have in the bank, than what they do to the people and things around them. They don’t give anyone a chance and when these famous celebrities donate to charity, do they care? Or is it for the publicity, to make them look good. Sure, there are a lot of genuinely good people all over America that care about those of us that are suffering, but sometimes we fail to notice them because of all of the other negative things going on around us.

I know people who say “Why should these people (the poor) be getting the money I’ve worked hard for?” But they can’t always be blamed for their misfortune. Blame the corporations who refuse to give people the benefits and wages they need to survive, or the politicians who fail to do something. We are the United States, so why aren’t we acting like it? Why can’t we all be looking out for each other, and giving everyone a chance to succeed and get themselves off the streets. All they need is a little help, and we’re not giving it to them.