I Believe in Believing in Myself

Alysa - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Believing in Myself

Life, it all seems sort of meaningless if you don’t believe in something. As for myself, I don’t believe in much outside of a religious setting, but there is something that I have learned over time that has come to be one of my core governing principals. I have found that each person on this earth has potential to be a make a difference in the world for good if they will just believe in themselves.

I had finally finished writing the children’s book that I had been working on for four years. I had edited my manuscript several times before I decided to send it to a publishing company. I waited anxiously for the results. Several weeks passed, but there was still no response. Then finally, one day I received some feedback for my book. I didn’t want to believe my eyes. Rejection! I felt completely crushed. I was absolutely miserable for the next few days.

When I told my family and friends about my book, most of them told me that I should give up on that dream and stick to something that I was better at. I didn’t understand how they could possibly say that. One minor setback and suddenly, it seemed like no one had faith in me anymore. I was so frustrated. I didn’t understand why no one would believe in me. I knew I could accomplish my dreams; it just might take me longer than I wanted.

A few months later, it seemed like I had had nothing but successive failures, not only with my book, but with so many other things in my life, as well. I started to think that maybe all those things that had been said about me were true. Maybe, I really was doomed to be a failure.

Then a thought came to mind that has never really left me. Why was I so frustrated that no one believed in me, when at that very moment, I didn’t believe in myself? Deep down, I knew that if anyone else was ever going to believe in me, I would have to start believing in myself.

It has now been over a year since the initial rejection of my book. As frustrating as that rejection was some good has come of it. I found out how I could improve my book and become a better writer. I have also two small works of poetry published. None of this however could have been possible if I hadn’t decided to believe in myself. It was because I believed that I was willing to try again with trying to get something published, and to my great pleasure, it happened. I’m not saying that life always works out like this, because it doesn’t. Life doesn’t always have happy endings, but because of this experience, I believe that I have the potential to make something good out of my life if I work hard and if I believe in myself.