I Believe Horses Teach Us

Jessie - Kempton, Indiana
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that we can learn from our horses. I have had the opportunity to have many horses and a few ponies throughout my life, some good, some bad, some ornery, some ill-tempered. I have had to work through many problems, I have had many honorable moments, and so mad I just want to give up. Here are a few that have taught many qualities.

My first, Princess, an old small black pony with a white face taught me to trust. She was ornery and but always took care of me, though I’m sure many times she was tired of dealing with her owner. Sometimes I believe she thought I was her responsibility as she always kept me safe when I was sleeping in the saddle before a run. No matter how much I showed off standing up on her or sliding off her butt did she ever kick, bite, or just move to knock me off balance.

My second, Buddy, a cold backed chestnut gelding taught me to ride. He wasn’t the fastest but tried his heart out every time in the arena. I remember at one show I was running the poles with probably the best run I had ever had on him and I fell off at the end. For no reason I just simply fell off! But good ole’ hearted Buddy finished the pattern with me sitting at the end pole watching him in aw. He taught me to shut up, ride, and hold on.

Nik, my most recent project, a sorrel gelding that knows it all, has taught me a lot, from how to deal with problems, to never giving up, you have to give respect to get respect, and that two hard heads can work things out. Now when I first bought Nik we didn’t quite start off on the right foot. He just wanted to go fast and didn’t respect me. We had many go arounds till I finally listened and tried different techniques. I started giving him chances to take the lead instead of me telling him to. By respecting his capabilities he respected mine.

Horses alone teach you responsibility feeding twice a day, cleaning stalls, and keeping them in shape; however, they also teach you many hidden skills which so many don’t recognize. I have had many other horses that have insured these qualities in me; however, Princess, Buddy, and Nik have been the most helpful in teaching me my life skills. I believe that we can learn many important things from horses.