A Child’s Imagination

Kitara - Brookville, Ohio
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

I believe in the imagination of a child. The best times of my childhood were spent playing outside with random instruments pretending to be a princess, a detective, or a spy. The possibilities of fun were endless and things came to life simply because I wanted them that way. Sure, I watched television and played computer games, but those forms of entertainment weren’t nearly as enjoyable or inspiring as when I was outside playing with the other kids, making up a new game. During those moments, I could be absolutely anything at all. I could escape the real world and invent a new world entirely. No matter where I was, inside doing chores, or outside in the yard, I could pretend I was someone different and somewhere new. There was no task that I couldn’t handle, no job that was too dangerous. I was everything I ever wanted to be; adventurous, courageous, intelligent, witty and at times helpless (but only when I was the damsel in distress).

Growing up, my imagination slowly started to diminish. The pretty places that I used to visit in my mind became blurry until there was nothing left to remember. I became self conscious of acting “silly” around others and make believe things that were not visible to others, but I never forgot the feeling I felt when I was younger, pretending from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed.

When I was old enough to baby-sit, I was able to again get a glimpse of the imagination of children. Whether I was playing Barbie’s or race cars, I realized that children have amazing imaginations and some of those children hold on to that creativity as they grow older, and they turn it into amazing stories, or beautiful paintings.

There is something magical about the way the imagination brings kids together. As an adult, I don’t really talk to anyone unless I know them. If I participate in their conversation I can easily be accused of eavesdropping, being rude, or infiltrating. But as a child, no matter where you were, at the park, on the playground, or at home, children always wanted to join in the game of make-believe. I made so many friends and never learned most of their names, but I had memories with those kids and I had great times.

I believe in playing dress-up. I believe in finger painting a masterpiece. I believe in playing Barbie’s.I believe in the imagination of a child!