Respecting others (Unfinished)

Bob - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

This I Believe

I believe everyone should be respected for who they are. People are made fun of everyday for being “weird”, but we are all unique in our own ways. Some would think you are weird because of what seems perfectly normal to you. Weirdness is all a matter of opinion, that person may be weird because they have a stars wars mask on, but to them maybe you are weird because of your jeans and t-shirt. Don’t disrespect someone for who they are or for what they believe. If all we ever did was disrespect people who we believed to be weird then the world would go nowhere, everyone would be arguing and fighting. Weirdness is individuality; the ability to express your individuality is a freedom and freedom is the base upon which the United States stands. What if no one was weird? What if everyone was the same, liked the same things, did the same things, and wore the same clothes, even looked alike. Even then someone would think we are weird for doing the same thing. Weird is different and different is good. Of course we could all